Thursday, December 16, 2010

Federal Child Pornography Statutes and Prosecutions

The elements of proof for most of the federal child pornography statutes are very similar, and with regards to the mens rea showing required regarding knowledge about whether what is being received, possessed or distributed is child pornography, the statutes are essentially identical.  For example to prove a violation of § 2252A(5)(B), the basic violation providing the lowest sentencing exposure for mere receipt or possession of child pornography,  the government must prove all of the following essential elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

First: That the Defendant knowingly received or possessed an item or items of child pornography, as charged;

Second: That such items of child pornography had been transported, shipped or mailed in interstate or foreign commerce, including by computer, as charged; and

Third: That at the time of such reception or possession the Defendant believed that such items constituted or contained child pornography . . .

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